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See what others are saying about our professional copywriting, editing and graphic design services...

“An excellent candidate – she’s got a great editorial eye…and a keen sense of story.” 

– Shangeetha Jeyamanohar, Special Projects Coordinator, Publisher Operations. Kobo, Inc.

“Monah’s a very strong writer. She’s definitely somebody I can trust with my work and trust to present me in the way that I want to be portrayed. She conveyed the perfect message to my audience and painted the perfect picture of me as an artist. She’s also very good at understanding her subject, and is definitely experienced in her field. Once you read what she’s written you should walk away with no unanswered questions. I believe she’s put in a lot of time into her craft, and is one of the most experienced that I’ve worked with. She’s amazing at what she does.”

– JNYR, Music Recording Artist

“I am very happy to endorse Miss Water as an avid and passionate worker. She was a valued asset to our small team and demonstrated an enthusiasm and commitment to our project from inception to execution.” 

– Nicole Georges-Bennett, Editor, Angel Hair Magazine

“I was completely satisfied with the work Monah did for me. I believe she is very experienced in the field of writing and editing. Knowing about her previous work in the field definitely made me confident in choosing to use her services. I absolutely love working with her. Her work is trustworthy and she provides quality services. I will continue using her services for my company, and will definitely not hesitate to recommend her work to fellow colleagues, friends, and family.” 

 Simone Vanessa, Fashion Designer

“Monah’s hard work and determination as a member of the group proved to be an asset. Her excellent ability to listen, hear the needs communicated by others and be responsive, attests to her strong level of commitment to others and her ability to deliver.” 

– Scott Humphries, Former Technical Director, POV

“WOW! This was such a thorough and amazing and articulate contribution. The team found it so helpful. You were very insightful and nailed it. Thank you for giving so much thought and time.” 

– Gabrielle Zilkha, Independent Film Director/Producer

“Articulate, educated and determined. When I started to teach Monah, her credentials floored me, but I was even more stunned by her humility. A person of this massive potential shouldn’t be this humble. The industry is far from easy, but I knew there was something extraordinary about her ability. Working with her I felt the same feeling I got being in the company of several great artists. Absolute genius.” 

– Anthony Kissoon, Creative Director

As a two-time recipient of a CUE Writer’s Bursary, Monah Water has demonstrated excellence in her literary practice. It was a pleasure for our staff to work with her as she consistently met deadlines and remained accountable to the program process and expectations. Owing to her dedication, and the spirit of artistic advancement we observed, Monah was awarded the first CUE Emerging Writer’s Award 2014, an intensive process through which she was able to work on creating a novella. Our team was happy to support Monah, and we hope to be able to work with her again in the future.” 

– Jason Samilski, Creative Director, CUE

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