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New York Fashion Week 2019 | Top Styled Looks

New York, aka fashion central, didn't disappoint this month as the state gathered fashion designers and stylists, fashion connoisseurs and enthusiasts, style influencers — you name it! — from all parts of the globe. New York Fashion Week (NYFW) 2019 had the city buzzing with extravagant networking parties, runway shows, and charity events. I mean, there was literally something for everybody — even those rolling on tight budgets.

Despite my original plans, I was fortunate to get connected to this season's events, and let's say this first-time experience is definitely one of many more to come. I had the opportunity to attend several runway shows including NYFW Art Hearts Fashion, headlined by celebrity designer Willfredo Gerardo, as well as the 2nd annual NYFW China Day featuring current collections by China-based brands Peacebird and NPC. On this occasion, both brands showcased along a youth-inspired theme titled #YouthMadeChina.

While the designers held it down with their latest runway looks, it was hard to ignore the fly attire adorned by event attendees who showed up and showed out. Check out some of our fav looks in the galleries below! (Swipe right)

N Y F W A R T H E A R T S F A S H I O N ' 1 9

N Y F W C H I N A D A Y ' 1 9 | P E A C E B I R D

N Y F W C H I N A D A Y '1 9 | N P C

Which of our featured looks would you include in your best styled TOP 3? Let us know in the comment section below.








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