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Twenty-two-year-old Brampton, Ontario based artist Reeko Rieffe is etching his name in the game this year as an artist to keep on your radar. With five previously released singles including “NOBODY”, “SAMEWAYS” and “CRUISIN”, Reeko Rieffe has crafted out a melodic sound that blends, as he describes, a mixture of R&B, hip hop and gospel. Here with visuals for his latest single “NO IDEA”, listeners are invited into a televised dream realm that’ll leave them chanting “How I get so lit? I got no idea!

Hit the play button below to watch his latest release and scroll further to check out more from our interview.

How long have you been pursuing music for?

Reeko Rieffe: I’ve been pursuing music seriously for the past two years.

What inspired you to begin creating art in this form?

Reeko Rieffe: My mother was a musical director at our church in Montreal for about 10 years. So, that’s where my passion for music really came from.

What things have influenced your style/sound as an artist?

Reeko Rieffe: I think the fact that I’ve grown up in and around different places throughout Montreal and Toronto. That has really helped my sound and style to be different.

Who are your main musical influences?

Reeko Rieffe: Definitely Drake and The Dream.

So far, are there any major career highlights that have left you feeling optimistic about the musical path you're currently on?

Reeko Rieffe: Yes, there've been a few highlights: headlining my first show last year, which sold over 100 tickets and being featured on OVO Sound Radio twice.

What drives you to pursue your craft?

Reeko Rieffe: I think my passion for music in itself really gives me drive. I love music so much, so working at it is very easy for me.

Who produced the record for this video?

Reeko Rieffe: Armaan was my producer and Mnstrm mixed and mastered the record.

Who directed/shot the visuals?

Reeko Rieffe: The video was directed by Seth G. with Jean P. DeGrasse as the assistant.

What was the experience and creative process like getting to bring your song to life using visuals?

Reeko Rieffe: It’s a beautiful thing when you imagine something and see it come to fruition in real life. Seth G. was able to take my idea for the song and bring it 100% to life.

What projects or performances have you been looking forward to this year?

Reeko Rieffe: Opening up for YBN Cordae in Montreal in June and performing at Garden Square in Brampton in July.

Where can listeners find your music/follow you?

Reeko Rieffe: Everyone can find me by following @reekorieffe on all platforms—Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.







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