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RZA Teams Up With PETA x Embassy of Bricks and Logs To Launch New Vegan Puffer Jacket

Drawing inspiration from the 1976 Taiwanese film, "Master of the Flying Guillotine", RZA of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan continues to expand his territory by leaving a cultural mark on fashion. As his co-founded lifestyle brand 36 Chambers teams up with PETA and German vegan outerwear brand Embassy of Bricks and Logs, the trio emerges with the launch of the Flying Guillotine Puffer Jacket just in time for the winter season.

The 90's-inspired jacket is constructed from premium lightweight fabric, 100% animal-free products, and recycled PET (plastic from ocean waste). The coat's chic lining is finely decorated with a detailed golden guillotine print, and the simple lettering on the all-black exterior of the hood reads, "OUR HEADS NO LONGER BELONG TO US", a line derived from the aforementioned classical film.

With only 100 jackets available for purchase, 15% of the profits from sales will go towards PETA to further champion their advocacy initiatives for animal rights.

This new release is priced at $336 USD and can be purchased here.


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